Buy Instagram Views for Reels

Get Instagram Views and impressions from real people with instant delivery as low as $1,49 per 1000 views! We give you the nudge you need to get noticed, and if you are a business, the help you need to generate new leads.

Key Reasons to Buy Instagram Views

Buy Views for Reels

Having more views on your Instagram reels and videos, lets others know you are worth following. Because of this, we allow you to buy Instagram views that will help increase your IG following and exposure. Also, you will get the same amount of Impressions to your account!

Buy Instagram Views

Real Views, Instant Delivery

When you order Instagram views, your Instagram uploads start receiving real views almost instantly. This being the case, don’t wait to start gaining the social media traction you deserve. Instead, turbocharge your Instagram popularity in seconds.

Buy Instagram Views

How to Buy Instagram Views?


1. Select Package

The more Instagram views you have, the better. However, we know that you might not want to look too popular too quickly. We, therefore, let you buy IG views in quantities tailorable to any marketing campaign and budget. Just make sure that your Instagram account is not set to private when you place your order.


2. Checkout

Enter your Instagram account username correctly and make sure it’s not in private mode before completing your purchase. Also let us know if you would like to split views over several reels, you can choose them at the checkout. After double-checking your order, you can finalize payment and await delivery.


3. See Results

After we confirm payment we will start sending your new Instagram views instantly. Depending on what option you select at checkout, views you order can focus on just one, or several videos. All you have to do is sit back and watch us work our magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Instagram views?

Every day, it gets harder to get noticed on social media. You might have incredible Instagram photos and videos. However, Instagram ranks user profiles as per profile activity and levels of engagement. When you buy IG views, having more views makes Instagram start increasing the exposure of your profile. As a result, more organic views and likes will soon follow.

Is it legal to buy Instagram views?

For the sake of full transparency, we need to make clear that Instagram does not take kindly to users buying views. However, we deliver views that won’t get picked up by Instagram as not authentic. We also make it possible to spread views across several reels in a way that matches the behaviour of real IG users.

How long will it take to deliver my views?

We start delivering all views the shortly after we confirm payment. All we ask is that you make sure that the Instagram username you provide us with is correct. If you haven’t received views in 1 hour – let us know via Contact page and we will double check you order.

Can I split purchased views across several videos?

Yes. Before you finalize payment, we will let you select any specific videos you would like to add views to.

Won’t it look suspicious if I suddenly have lots of views?

Many people worry about how it will look generating a lot of Instagram views quickly. However, social media users run marketing campaigns all the time that result in hundreds and thousands of new views. Instagram expects to see this when content goes viral, and will not see this as a sign that views are not genuine.

Can I get banned from Instagram if I buy IG views?

No. We make sure that the views we add to images and videos are indistinguishable from real views. We also supply views from several different geographic locations and allow you to spread these over several images. This mimics the behaviour of real Instagram users.

What payment methods do you accept?

After you have selected how many views you would like to purchase, you can complete your order by paying via credit card. We also allow you to pay using PayPal and cryptocurrency.

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