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  • How to Create an Influencer Media Kit in 2022

    Introduction: Working with influencers can be an extremely effective way for a business or individual to increase their visibility and authority online. While identifying and contacting potential influencers may appear to be a daunting task, the process can be fairly streamlined – especially if you have a solid media kit prepared ahead of time. A …

  • What Is Branded Content on Instagram

    Nowadays, brands, businesses, and influencers are an integral part of the Instagram community. The partnerships between creators and brands lead to creative content that benefits both parties. Recently, the social media platform has introduced new tools for branded content on Instagram to enhance transparency and make sponsorships even better. In essence, Instagram branded content refers …

  • Instagram Reels Tips for Audience Engaging Videos

    The recent unveiling of Instagram Reels has created opportunities for you to create entertaining and informative short videos with your followers. Instagram already comes with filters and effects that allow you to create your own audience capturing content. It is an exciting way to get visibility and to reach a larger audience. Here are some …