What Is Branded Content on Instagram

Nowadays, brands, businesses, and influencers are an integral part of the Instagram community. The partnerships between creators and brands lead to creative content that benefits both parties. Recently, the social media platform has introduced new tools for branded content on Instagram to enhance transparency and make sponsorships even better.

In essence, Instagram branded content refers to the influencers’ content that showcases a specific brand or product. In this case, the influencers must add a branded content tag to their post that shows which business has sponsored them. Up until now, most creators mentioned the brand in the posts’ description. However, with the Instagram branded content tools, the line “Paid partnership with (name of the brand)” will appear below the influencer’s name. The only requirement is that both the influencer and the brand have Instagram business or creator accounts.

The new tools that you can use for the branded content on Instagram include post and story tagging, partner approval, and advanced insights. Below, we will discover each one of them in more detail.

Post and Story Tagging

Instagram branded content tools don’t affect the creative process of the influencers. They must prepare their posts like they usually do and post them on their accounts. The only difference is that before the final step, they need to check and tag the business they have partnered with. This can be easily done by tapping on “Advanced settings” and then typing the name of the brand.

If the creator wants to post a branded story, then he needs the link icon. This will open a new window, where he can search for the brand he is collaborating with. In both cases, the post will be tagged as branded content on Instagram. Once the post or story is live, the business partner will receive a notification or a direct message on his Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Partner Approvals

In addition to the Instagram branded content tag, the social media platform is introducing the partner approval tool. This new feature aims to protect brands and let them pick the creators they want to associate with their image.

The default setting for partner approvals is off so influencers can tag the business without approval. However, a brand can easily turn this feature on by going to the options and searching in the business settings for the branded content approvals. Below the require approvals toggle button, you can find the list of the already approved creators.

Advanced Insights

One of the best features that the Instagram branded content tools have brought is the advanced settings. Any social media marketing strategy involves careful monitoring of the progress of each post. Right now, the brand content on Instagram plays an important role in the digital marketing of every business.

The new insights enable the tagged partners to see the post’s insights, such as likes and comments. In the case of stories, the brands can access for 14 days information about the reach, taps forward, taps backward, replies and exits.

If you are a creator or brand looking to expand your Instagram account, you need to discover the potential of Instagram branded content. The new tools bring you absolute control when it comes to your partnerships.

Yrev Ollof
Yrev Ollof
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